A Guide On Selling Used Printers

Are you looking to sell an old printer? Do you want to maximize the residual value on your equipment?

Unfortunately, there is little to no guidance when it comes to dealing with the removal and sale of your large used printing equipment.

That’s why we have created this guide to keep any and all resources you might need in one place.

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You Will Learn How To:

🤝 Connect With Copier Dealers Who Want Your Copier

🗺️ Find Local Copier Buyers (Save On Shipping)

🚢 Identify Trustworthy Businesses and Individuals

🚚 Handle Shipping And Removal

💰 Get Paid Cash For Your Used Copier

Find Local Buyers To Save On Shipping

When it comes to large copiers and printers, shipping costs can greatly reduce the offer you will receive depending on where you will need to ship your machine. Local equipment buyers will be able to outbid out of state buyers due to savings from shipping.

We recommend testing your luck on your local classified listing sites. Most of these platforms allow you to list an ad for free and offer the chance to show your ad to buyers in your area. Check to see if your area has its own local classified sites.

You can also try some popular classified ad sites that we have listed out below:

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Craigslist will be a good first option to list your used equipment because of their popularity and traffic.

As one of the largest classified sites, listing your old copier or printer in your city should put you on the radar of local buyers. You may even find local copier dealers who regularly browse the site.

We recommend posting your listing under the correct category in order to maximize relevancy when buyers are looking at your listing. You can try using the For Sale —> Electronics section.

When listing your equipment, be sure to include the brand, model number, and shipping preferences.

Presentation is key! You may also want to attach additional information such as usage information, service history, location, additional parts and meter number. Be sure to also include images. Image increase visibility of your ad and makes your listing look more appealing. Although pictures are not necessary, know that people buy with their eyes online. Including pictures will definitely help you in your sale. Better photos mean better offers.


Another classified platform worth looking into is eBay classified postings.

Many sellers do not realize that eBay has a classified section, but the traffic that eBay sees is comparable to craigslist. Selling your equipment here will give you extra visibility in your local area over your competitors.

The platform is intuitive, like Criagslist, but uses eBay’s formatting. You can also post free ads here if you are a local seller of used printers and office equipment.

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Oodle is another classified ads site like Craigslist where buyers connect with sellers of a wide range of products, including used office equipment.

The site works by accumulating listings from sites such as eBay, Facebook Local Marketplace, Ad Land Pro, and other classified sites.

By listing your machine here, you will once again be shown to local buyers who are interested in your machine.

Instead of continuing to list classified ad sites, as popularity varies by location, we will include a few other options you may look into here:

Get Quotes From Multiple Buyers

There are many different printer models all with varying prices

There are many different printer models all with varying prices

Once your listings are live, you may start receiving offers from a variety of people such as print shop owners, dealers, wholesalers, and offices.

You might quickly find that offers are all over the board and many people are not forthright with prices.

Selling second hand production copiers is not a straight forward process.

There’s not great amount of online resources covering used copiers and there is little to no guidance on copier valuations.

This is because secondhand copiers prices fluctuate due to supply and demand.

Thus, it is difficult to find up to date information on your used Canon Copiers or any other model.

Furthermore, many individuals may buy these machines, and act as middlemen to sell to exporters like Kingnote Copiers.

So, How Much Is My Copier Worth?

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Most copiers have some residual value after they have been used.

You can contact a copier professional here for a free quote on your used machine. By doing this, you can know how much your copier or printer is worth.

Even if we do not buy your copier, Kingnote can still help you in the sale of your copier. You can let us know if you have any question and we will do our best to help you.

Removal Company Are Usually Too Pricey

If you are not having any luck in selling your machine, you will need to contact a removal company to get them to take the equipment. They can deal with the removal of a broken or off-lease copiers.

However, removal fees can range depending on whether the used copier is being recycled or disposed.

Check your local waste removal company and they may charge you a per pound rate for removal (For example, $1 / lbs). For a very large machine, this can get pricey!

The HP PageWide shown at the right weighs over 1,000 lbs.

I’ll let you do the math!

It’s much better to sell your machine. But how…?

Sell Printers For Cash To A Reliable Wholesaler

Why pay a high removal fee or risk selling to a middle man? More likely than not, you will encounter some issues in your transaction process. If not the first time, eventually, because these middlemen are not looking to do long term business, but rather flip a machine to make money fast.

We recommend you to find a direct wholesale copier buyer that guarantees 100% export of you machine.

You can sell directly to Kingnote, the largest exporting wholesale trading company for used copiers and wide format machines. You can find out the value of your machine by contacting us for a quote.

We have recommended a few other copier industry experts that may be useful to you:

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Export Guaranteed

You can be assured that when you sell your wide format copier, your copiers are exported and stay out of the hands of your competitors.

You can learn more about how our exports are benefiting the domestic copier prices on our blog.

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Benefits Of Selling To A Copier Wholesaler

  1. Guaranteed Top Dollar Offers: Kingnote sells directly to international end users through our international sales team. Unlike middlemen who deal in small amounts of copiers, we have the capacity to load multiple 40” containers every month. You can learn more about how we can offer top dollar for used copiers on our blog.

  2. Find Out The Fair Value Of Secondhand Machines: We keep a pulse on market prices through our direct sales pipeline to international buyers. For a glimpse of our price list, you can see some copier models and approximate prices that we purchase at.

  3. Remove Old Copiers From US: We promise to export your copier to countries such as India, China, and the Middle East in order to guarantee your machines stay out of your competitor’s hands and domestic market prices remain competitive.

By selling your used printer to an exporter, you can cut the middle man, stop getting ripped off for your machines and know the value of your printer and get a top dollar quote.

Those who have worked with us continue to rely on us as their number one purchaser for these retired machines because we make the process of selling your copier easy.

International sellers in Europe and Canada are welcome as well! 

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