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Selling or Retiring Used Wide Formats

Have you had to deal with the removal of a broken or off-lease, out of service copier?

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If you researched removal fees from your local waste removal provider, you may have been quoted a dollar per pound rate cost for their removal service of your copier. A large format printer can easily cost $500+ to be removed by a waste disposal company.

For Example, the HP Pagewide Wide Format pictured at the left is over 1,000 lbs and would cost $2,000 to remove at $2/lbs.

Your local general store like Staples or the copier manufacturer will generally not accept these used copiers as the machines are too much of a hassles to deal with.

Maybe you considered selling your large format printer or copier. It might have some residual value after all.

“How Much Is My Copier Worth?”

You may have sought the help of the internet for more details on how to sell your copier. However, quickly found that selling your copier is not a straight forward process as there is not enough readily available information on the internet. there is very little guidance on secondhand copier valuations. This is because secondhand copiers prices fluctuate due to supply and demand. Thus, it is difficult to find up to date information on your used Canon Copiers.

Selling your used large format printer should be easy but there is a lot of bad information online.

You may have checked online for prices but noticed that there is very little guidance on secondhand copier valuations. This is because secondhand copiers prices fluctuate due to supply and demand. Thus, it is difficult to find up to date information on your used Canon Copiers.

Furthermore, many individuals may buy these machines, acting as a middle man, only to resell to wholesale exporters like Kingnote Copiers LLC. Since they have no way of exporting these copiers, the final destination of these copier will always be at an exporter’s warehouse before moving to another country like India or China.

These dealers tend to turn tail as soon as the market turns south and are unreliable when it comes to long term business.

Sell Printers For Cash To A Reliable Wholesaler

Why risk selling to a shady middle man? More likely than not, you will encounter some issues in your transaction process. If not the first time, eventually, because these middlemen are not looking to do long term business, but rather flip a machine to make money fast.

We recommend you to find a direct wholesale copier buyer that guarantees 100% export of you machine.

You can sell directly to Kingnote, the largest exporting wholesale trading company for used copiers and wide format machines. You can find out the value of your machine by contacting us for a quote.

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Export Guaranteed

You can be assured that when you sell your wide format copier, your copiers are exported and stay out of the hands of your competitors.

You can learn more about how our exports are benefiting the domestic copier prices on our blog.

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Benefits Of Selling To A Copier Wholesaler

  1. Guaranteed Top Dollar Offers: Kingnote sells directly to international end users through our international sales team. Unlike middlemen who deal in small amounts of copiers, we have the capacity to load multiple 40” containers every month. You can learn more about how we can offer top dollar for used copiers on our blog.

  2. Find Out The Fair Value Of Secondhand Machines: We keep a pulse on market prices through our direct sales pipeline to international buyers. For a glimpse of our price list, you can see some copier models and approximate prices that we purchase at.

  3. Remove Old Copiers From US: We promise to export your copier to countries such as India, China, and the Middle East in order to guarantee your machines stay out of your competitor’s hands and domestic market prices remain competitive.

By selling your used printer to an exporter, you can cut the middle man, stop getting ripped off for your machines and know the value of your printer and get a top dollar quote.

Those who have worked with us continue to rely on us as their number one purchaser for these retired machines because we make the process of selling your copier easy.

International sellers in Europe and Canada are welcome as well! 

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