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We Buy Used Xerox Commercial Copier Machines And Guarantee Top Offers Due to Our Direct Pipeline to International Buyers. We Guarantee A Fast And Easy Sale And Pay Cash For Your Used Machines, Making The Removal And Sale Of Your Copier Effortless. Want To Know If We Buy Your Copier Model?

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We offer top dollar for all used wide format machines guaranteed.

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We will make payment to you in 1 business day after a finalized purchase invoice.

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Easy shipping

We will arrange and freight out ALL your equipment at no additional charge.

We Buy Used Xerox Copiers


Looking For a Company That Buys Used Xerox Copiers?

We Buy All Models of Wide Format Printers And Machines Over 60 PPM, Including Xerox Copiers, And Export Them Internationally Where They Will Be Refurbished And Used Again. Our International Buyer Network And Pipeline Allows Us To Purchase Used Copiers At Much Higher Prices Than Secondhand Copier Dealers.

☎️ Contact Us At 1-818-570-0888 To Sell Your Used Xerox Wide Format Printers


Free Xerox Used Copier Pickup

When You Sell Your Used Copier, we pick up for FREE and guide you through the entire process. We even handle the details, including packing, scheduling, shipping, and logistics.

We know Xerox machines can big so we make sure shipping is handled by professionals and removal of your machines is made as fast as possible.

If you would like to sell your used copier and know the price, contact us and we will get back with you shortly with our highest quote!


+ What Xerox Models Do We Buy?

Please see below for a shortlist of Xerox copier models on our pricelist.

In order to know for certain if we purchase your copier, please Contact Us.

60+ PPM Copiers

  • Xerox 4595
  • Xerox 4590
  • Xerox 4110
  • Xerox 4112
  • Xerox 4127
  • Xerox 4122
  • Xerox D 95
  • Xerox D 110
  • Xerox D 125
  • Xerox C 550
  • Xerox C 560
  • Xerox C 570
  • Xerox C 670
  • Xerox 7655
  • Xerox 7665
  • Xerox 7675
  • Xerox 7755
  • Xerox 7765
  • Xerox 7775
  • Xerox 7845
  • Xerox DC 240
  • Xerox DC 250
  • Xerox DC 260
  • Xerox DC 252
  • Xerox C 700
  • Xerox C 770
  • Xerox C 800
  • Xerox C 1000
  • Xerox J 75
  • Xerox Versant 80
  • Xerox Versant 2100
  • Fiery, Monitor, Finisher, Controller

Xerox Wide Format Printers

  • Xerox 6030
  • Xerox 6050
  • Xerox 6204
  • Xerox 6604
  • Xerox 6605
  • Xerox 6622
  • Xerox 6279
  • Xerox 721
  • Entergrade And External Controllers

+ How To Get a Quote?

Contact us with your copier's model number, meter number, and other details and we will respond promptly with a quote.

Feel free to call our office number at (818) 570-0888 or use the online form above.

+ How Can Kingnote Guarentee Top Offers?

Kingnote has developed international connections as well as our own sales team in China in order to be tapped into market prices.

We offer top price according to our company price list which is regularly updated.

Additionally, Kingnote is able to offer quotes higher than other wholesale copier dealers because we hold control of the entire exporting pipeline. In other words, we take used copiers and sell them directly to internaional markets. This value is transferred to you!

Finally, our business philosophy of creating sustainabe, long lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships has allowed us to add more value onto our clients. We're committed to the success of our clients and have carried this strategy throughout our operations. Click here to learn more about how Kingnote's business philosphy and the reason Kingnote can OutBid, Outbuy, and Outlast other competitors.

+ How Is Payment Sent?

Payment is sent next day after an invoice is sent by Check, ACH, or Credit Card.

+ When Is Payment Sent?

Payment is sent next day after invoice and shipping forms are sent.

If you woud like us to handle shipping, please see below for shipping information or click here to download the shipping and handling document.

+ How Does Shipping & Handling Work?

We can handle shipping unless you would like to handle shipping yourself.

In order for us to arrange shipping, please download and fill out the shipping and handdling questionaire.

+ How Can I Get Access To Kingnote's Price list?

Unfortunately, we cannot share public access to our price list as we have found that they are distributed amongst our competitors.

However, you can sign up to get insider access to our partial price list and important market update emails here.

We also offer a Quick Quote feature and guarentee a quote in 24 hours when you call or text our line at (818) 570-0888.

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