Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C6000 and C7000 Quote

Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C6000 or C7000


With the Bizhub Press C6000 and C7000 being replaced with the C8000 model, clients requests for newer models continue to increase as new models roll out.  This Konica Minolta Bizhub series offers superior colour output and arguably creates some of the best color images in the production print marketplace.

Although new models continue to roll out, there continues to be a high demand for these older and used Konica Minolta Presses overseas in developing countries. Because of our unique relationship with purchasers abroad, we are able to purchase C6000 and C7000 models at significantly higher rates compared to other purchasers in the United States.

We take refurbished, used, and old Konica Minolta C6000 and C7000 models as well as any add-on features such as the fiery, toner, or fax.

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Go Green While Helping the Bottom Line of Your Small Business

Go Green While Helping the Bottom Line of Your Small Business

Organizations are experiencing and paradigm shift in which decisions are not entirely profit driven but with a long term view on the impact of their processes. These companies have a broad view of business and they realize the long term impact their businesses can have on future generations.

With sustainable businesses practices in mind, organizations not only appeal to consumers, but their employees.  Similar to the organizations that make a tradeoff between profitability and sustainability, employees, especially millennials, are foregoing jobs at higher salaries for companies that with a sense of social responsibility.  Companies who adopt sustainable business practices encourage and give employees a sense of greater meaning to their day to day.

These are compelling reasons for your office to go green. However, at what cost? Companies must keep an eye on the bottom dollar, even non-profits, in order to survive.  If you’ve always thought that going green was too difficult to attain and too costly for your small business, we’ve got great news for you. It turns out, there are ways to both go green AND help your bottom line.

Here’s a short list on how you can adopt sustainable office practices while increasing your profitability:

  1. Sell Your Used Copiers -- One thing office managers overlook is the value of their off lease copiers. Once a copier is off-lease and out of its service contract, offices will usually look to dealers or their local big box office supply store. They may shop around for prices of copiers or contracts in order to save money, but often forget that their used copier is actually still worth money (even if repair is necessary). By selling a machine that would otherwise be thrown away, companies immediately help the bottom line. Furthermore, Kingnote brings these machines to other countries in which they will continue to be used, thereby reducing, reusing, and going green.

  2. Buy a dishwasher -- Make cleaning easier and shift away from single use silverware and dishes. A dishwasher will reduce water used to wash plates as well as providing an alternative to styrofoam cups and plastic cups. One time use cups are not cheap! By encouraging this sustainable practice, offices no longer need to continue buying these one time use items and can save tons every year.

  3. Buy a Used Copier -- Instead of  buying a new copier, why not by a used copier (selected by a low meter count) for a fraction of the price?  There are significant savings to be had by buying a used copier. Think about the decision to either buy a new or used car.  Yes, the new car is shiny and has all the new gadgets installed, but the moment you drive the car off the lot, it depreciates SIGNIFICANTLY. The same goes for the used copier industry.

If you are looking to buy a used copier, please contact Kingnote at +1 (818) 570-0888 for an immediate quote!

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Each one of these tips not only increase your bottom line but also create sustainable office practices. If all companies could take some minor steps to going green, there will be a huge impact on future generations to come.

To learn more about buying or selling a copier, contact us at Kingnote Copiers today at +1 (818) 570-0888

Sell Your Used Copy Machines, Kingnote Pays Top Dollar

Sell Your Used Copy Machines

Some of the Used Copier brands we purchase are:

  • Used Canon Copiers

  • Used Ricoh Copiers

  • Used Konica Minolta Copiers

  • Used Xerox Copiers

  • Used Kyocera Mita Copiers

  • Used Toshiba Copiers

  • Used Gestetner Copiers

  • Used Lanier Copiers

  • Used Savin Copiers

Contact Us

As one of the largest off-lease copier exporters since 2007, we pride ourselves in our excellent customer service and support.  Drop us a line if you're looking to sell your off-lease machines and we gladly take up the opportunity to work with you.  We guarantee you will not regret working with us.

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Looking to sell used copiers?
We pay top dollar for used copy machines for cash.

Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C1085 and C1110

Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C1085 and C1110


Repographic centers and print providers have also looked to the Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C1085 for production in an extensive range of professional facilities. With leading media and finishing capabilities, the C1085 digital press is unmatched in its versatility and adaptability. A similar model, C1110 also performs at the same level.

While demand for the C1085 is decreasing (aided by an increasing amount of data stored in a digital format), Kingnote has tapped into external markets who have a demand for these used machines.

Thus, you can rely on us to purchase your Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C1085 at prices far above the market. Make selling your Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C1085 easy.

Of course, this is only one of many models we take! To find out if we purchase your Used Konica Minolta Copier, Contact Us for an immediate response.

Fierfy 308/310 may or may not necessary depending on the model and pf 707.

Fill out the form below and we will connect you with a purchasing agent for quick quote soon!

Fill out the form below and we will connect you with a purchasing agent for quick quote soon!

Limited Access to Insider Price Reports on Used Copiers and Wide Formats

First off, congratulations! We are so glad to have found you.


Can you imagine how amazing you could flip service copiers with knowing immediately your price that you can sell at?

You’ve probably thought about it and figured out that the hurdle in selling off this equipment is getting the right platform to market it.

Kingnote Copiers is the best platform to achieve accurate and market fair prices………

Over the past decade, Kingnote Copiers an industry leader has been accepting domestic off-lease copiers and exporting them abroad where they will be refurbished and used again.

There are close to 5000 shop owners, office managers, service technicians currently using our unique service to make money off their out of service copier and we can't wait to have you on board.

Now you can have access to our insider knowledge and even our price list!

Yes, you heard me right.

At Kingnote copier we partner with copier wholesalers internationally and export to Asia, SouthAmerica and the middle east with a need for older model machines.

Have you been looking for a buying agent who coordinates logistics, pick up for your out of service copier?

There is no perfect time to start using Kingnote copier than now.

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But that’s not all!

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Selling or Retiring Used Wide Formats, Production Copiers, and Printing Presses

Selling retired or high meter wide format copiers should be easy.  However, many leasing companies end up spending hours to search for buyers only to be underpaid for their machines. Many individuals may buy these machines, acting as a middle man, only to resell to wholesale exporters like Kingnote Copiers LLC. Cut the middle man and stop getting ripped off for your machines. Now you can sell directly to Kingnote, the largest exporting wholesale trading company for used copiers and wide format machines.

Leasing companies across the US partner with us and sell their retired or high metered machines.  Those who have worked with us continue to rely on us as their number one purchaser for these retired machines because we make the process of selling your wide format easy while offering above market prices.

International sellers welcome!

Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C1060 and C1070 Quote

Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C1060 and C1070


A next generation Bizhub press, the Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C1060 is a popular production machine the delivers high quality color while cutting down production time and costs. Key features include 60 ppm output in color or B&W and a 300,000 page monthly volume. The C1060 uses fast scanning for streamlined production and is build for reliability. The durability of these machines make them a prime choice for production jobs overseas.

Used C1060 digital presses and any parts are accepted. If you are looking to sell or retire your Konica Minolta Bizhub C1060 or C1070 we can guarantee that you will find the highest price offer at Kingnote.

Please inquire about selling your C1060 and C1070 or other models such as the Bizhub Press C1070P, Bizhub Press C71hc, and Bizhub Pro 1060L.

For now, here is an abbreviated list of some models we purchase:

For smaller machines, our warehouse sees plenty of Konica 950 and 951s. We have also seen Konica C654, Konica BH C6500, BH 65HC.

And Of course we take larger machines like Konica Minolta BH 1200, BH 1051, BH 1250, BH 6000, BH 8000, BH C1060/1070, BH C1085, BH C1100 with fiery 308/310, pf707.

Kingstone Increase Purchase Volume in International Slow Market

Kingstone Increase Purchase Volume in International Slow Market

Kingnote Increase Purchase Volume in International Slow Market


One of the most augmented roles of our company (Kingnote) has been to promote the ultimate need for electronic copier recycling. We have been buying used, casted out as well as outdated Photocopiers from all of the USA and shipping them out to various other countries. Since other competitors ferociously gave up on their efforts of making the USA a functional space and providing the third world with reusable technology while on a budget;

We haven't forgotten a thing, and even after procuring a larger loan early this year, we are back on track and still kicking. We will try to divide the whole topic into little chunks in order to make it more palatable for you. Let's dive right into it;

What do we do

WeChat Image_20180726165219 (2).png

Our work morale is as simple as it gets; we tend to buy domestic as well as commercial build copiers. Refurbish them and export them out of the USA. There is a vast area of copiers that we deal in, and more importantly, those potential customers who want to put their used copier for sale can benefit from the deals and alluring price criteria we have to offer. A small price note is that we start dealing in copiers from $500 for low end and $5000+ for wide formats.

The very reason for shipping these repaired products out of the USA is to make our country more prosperous and free from any kind of electronic Jam. That’s our motto though we can’t say the same about other competitors who have been running out of the business lately.

Following is a brief list of various copiers depending upon their design, build and other specifications which we at kingnote tend to buy. Don't lose hope, we buy all and leave nothing behind of course over the right price determined by our experts. So, here is a brief list of various copiers that we would like to buy from our customers;

1. Wide Format Copiers

2. Production Copiers

3. Printing Presses (Oce VarioPrint)

In order to throw some insight into these various kinds, let us describe each one briefly enough for you to gather an idea about which one is that you have for sale;

1. Wide Format Copiers

Wide format copiers as the name imply, classify those bulky and colossal copying machines which have an extensive (Over-sized) scanning platform and a wide-angle copying function. Associated with a built-in computer and digital software to control the device. If you have one of these and want to sell the wide format, let us know we can buy from you at a sophisticated price or help you get one; whichever circumstance arrives first!

2. Production Copiers

These copiers are intended to be used for Film and Television industries, hence the name Production Copiers. They can meet the demand of any specific production company. So, if you have one and out of curiosity waiting for another possible buyer; then, we are here with open arms to welcome you and your item.

3. Printing Presses

Printing Presses are used by printing companies to mass produce print jobs such as books, envelopes, and newspapers. Some models of interest include the Oce Canon VarioPrint 6250 Ultra+ series. Oce VarioPrint 6160, 6200, and 6250 are also compatible with the Konica Pro 1600P, Konica Pro 2000P, Konica Pro 2500P respectively.

This was a brief introduction of products and areas we deal in at Kingnote, So, you could get a clear picture. Now let us move towards; How this thing works?


How we work things out

In order to get the best and reasonable price over your product, you just have to reach out, and we'll take care of the rest. From procuring your product from your home or office and delivering you full payment within 1-2 business days; here is how we get down with our generic procedure;

1. You would have to contact us via our website, phone or email and our online agents will quickly be in contact.

2. After a peaceful negotiation; when you have made up your mind to sell the thing finally, our representatives will procure the copier from your comfort zone. You probably won't have to move a muscle.

3. Then after a series of evaluation, we come up with the right price for your product and let you know. Don't worry some flexibility is provided to our worthy customers.

4. In case you have a bulk or a huge load of copiers or similar devices we can arrange almost every kind of transport for the occasion.

5. After everything is set, you’ll be rewarded within one business day after an invoice have been issued.

Competitor Market Trends

This journey has not been simple and straightforward for us; we had to take on more significant challenges and walk among the unexpected to serve as the bridge between two distinct nations regarding reprographic elements. (Printers and copiers etc.)

While others have lost hope and pushed themselves to either shut down or slow down their roll, we have built ourselves and made ourselves stronger. Because we can't just shake off our legacy and our heritage despite the economic problems.

Here are a few reasons due to which many competitors and market associates have downsized and bade this task farewell for good;

1. Trade War


Since the start of the global market, people have used many means to get themselves what they want. Let it be the barter system, exchanging cash or goods; people always find an edge for something that amazes them. In this wholesale business, we have witnessed a bit familiar experience.

Competition and Rivalry have been increasing and budging in every means of trading possible. Even if it takes to sale misfit or otherwise impaired products to their customers? No, we don't work like this, it is against our moral codes.

We at Kingnote have been providing the best possible price rates to our customers and with due honesty repairing them and shipping those copiers out of USA. We prefer to fight this war with honesty and dignity.

2. Latest Development

Another latest development which has pushed the wholesale business of copiers and printers to the brink of withdrawal is closing off India and China port. Due to democratic reasons, all trades have been paused to a halt which is a severe blow for this business.

Even in these hard times, we have managed to keep up and fight back. Though no disheartening development like messing up the price rates for goods have not been practiced on our end and we most certainly don't tend to.

3. Viable Market a dream

Since the market has not been much friendly and competition has been unstable, we have to take a large sum of money as a loan to accommodate the loss we derived from the downsizing market and continued the purchasing of volume year by year.  Though there are various impacts of less functional market over the trading companies;

• A small loss over the market can prove to be a huge loss for any trading company.

• Government allegations and day by day changing policies crush the trading companies in the long run.

• No viable trading plan or strategy whatsoever devised by the host government and officials.

• Lack of sustainable technology and other resources which tends to be a seamless loss for trading companies.

• Unstable market leads to unnecessary risk-taking, and that's why companies lose their fortune and fail.

• Loss of perspective and slow rolling money in the market leads to financial crisis and instability of the trading companies.


We have learnt from our mistakes instead of giving ourselves to the unstable market abyss, we at Kingnote have re-established ourselves, and today we are really dominating the market and bringing a positive change around.

So, if you are ever interested in making an exception and instead of neglecting your worthy copiers and printers, you finally want to sell them at an attractive price; keep us in mind. Rest assured you will be provided with the most professional and passionate assistance here at Kingnote. We will try our best to ship these copiers and printers away from the USA and towards more needy regions around the world. In order to reduce the unnecessary load and in spite provide a hearty service to the earth.

Take honour in knowing that your products are now going to serve a great purpose instead of just lying around. They are going to connect worlds and makes life easier. That’s also what we do make lives easier.


Kingnote Benefitting the State by Exporting Copiers And Wide Formats

Kingnote benefiting the state by exporting copiers and wide format printers: making space for new machines while keeping domestic prices competitive


In the word of copiers, meters run high and technicians and service companies no longer are willing work on old copiers as the profit diminishes

What happens if the copier needs servicing?

What happens when it is time to get a new machine like the HP PageWide XL?

You can store them in a storage house or can sell it to someone else, but for how long? There will always be new competitors in the market with new copiers which you will love to have (you can’t deny something with the exact features you have been long for).

If everyone did this, sooner or later the state will be full of old and used copiers.

What about removal? Waste management companies that charge by weight may quote you $1/lbs and charge up to $1,000 on the a wide format copier. Some wide format copiers can weigh as much as 1,000+ lbs. Shipping fees and pickup fees alone would be pricey too because of its large size.

Most companies in the US sell to a middle man who will buy the copier and eventually sell to a copier exporter like Kingnote. Our team also makes selling a copier or printer easy and guide you through the whole process. We will provide you will a fast and free quote when you contact us with our copier model number and any details.

We take these machines that would otherwise be considered junk in the US and export intentionally to places like China, India, South America, and the Middle East.

By working with you, you can ensure that your copier will be delivered to some place where they can be really useful; even if there are missing parts or broken pieces, technicians will refurbish these printers to working condition and the lifespan of the machine will be extended.

Exporting And Importing Win-Win

Kingnote is having a very useful solution for the both of the parties. We purchase used photocopiers, wide format machines and production copiers, make some space in the state for the entry of new machines, and export the used ones to the countries who are really willing to purchase refurbished or used machines.

This benefits copier brands and the copier industry by getting rid of old and used copiers. Not only this, the removal makes place for brands to come out with new models as they race to compete to produce better equipment.

Currently, brands like XeroxCanonRicohKonicaKyoceraKIPSharp, and HP Wide Format Copiers and Teriostar are the top rated manufacturers of office copiers, production copiers and wide format machines. And they are able to manufacture and sell their products domestically in US due to more export of used copiers across the globe.

Used Copier Equipment Dealer With Client Interest At Hand

Kingnote strategy is very simple. We work on the 3 basic key features of the company: Buy, Export, Dedicate.

Kingnote purchases old and used copiers from the end user and ensure if any of the machines needs refurbishing or repairing. These machines are purchased from our headquarters via established channels.

Once purchased and taken care of, we contact export to Asia, South America and the Middle East. This export is done with the help of our loading team that builds our container. We make sure the machines are kept in safe packaging so that no damage is done to any of our products. We are concerned about our exported items reaching safe and sound and ensure all safety measures.

It is important for Kingnote to establish a healthy relationship with our end users, vendors and wholesalers. All the business transactions are done as soon as the purchase invoice is finalized.

Kingnote Benefits To You

You can enjoy the fruits of Kingnote export system as:

  • Sell your used copier with a negotiable price and earn a better amount of money which no one can offer you!

  • You can sell any of your photo copiers which are not being purchased by anyone else!

  • Make some space to have new and advanced equipment in your office and increase productivity!

  • Get ensured that your product will leave the US market.

  • Get exclusively free freight services throughout the process!

Reduce and Reuse

Kingnote has been reducing the number of used machines domestically by exporting machines abroad. This increases the value to the brands we buy (Of the wide format: HP, KIP, Oce, Ricoh, Teriostar, Xerox, Canon, Epson). Countries such as China and India need these copiers and wide format machines for production and are willing to use older models. Meanwhile, new models are able to come into the US market. Kingnote reduces the number of used production copiers.