KIP 7700 and KIP 7770: How Much Is It Worth?

KIP 7700 and KIP 7770 Pricing


KIP Wide Formats 7700 and KIP 7770 have set the bar high in terms of versatility and printing performance.

The price for these machines varies greatly depending on the accessories.

For example, a printer by itself may be worth much less than if it came with a scanner.

Selling A Wide Format KIP 7700 or 7770?

Please see below for a list of questions you need to know before buying or selling KIP 7700 or KIP 7770 and other KIP models.

  1. How many rolls is the machine? (4 rolls or 2 rolls)

  2. What type of scanner does it have? (KIP 2300 scanner, KIP 720 scanner, KIP 600 scanner, or no scanner printer only)

  3. What is the meter count? (Anything over 3,000,000 prints should be inspected)

You can find a review of the 7770 plotter below: