Go Green While Helping the Bottom Line of Your Small Business

Go Green While Helping the Bottom Line of Your Small Business

Organizations are experiencing and paradigm shift in which decisions are not entirely profit driven but with a long term view on the impact of their processes. These companies have a broad view of business and they realize the long term impact their businesses can have on future generations.

With sustainable businesses practices in mind, organizations not only appeal to consumers, but their employees.  Similar to the organizations that make a tradeoff between profitability and sustainability, employees, especially millennials, are foregoing jobs at higher salaries for companies that with a sense of social responsibility.  Companies who adopt sustainable business practices encourage and give employees a sense of greater meaning to their day to day.

These are compelling reasons for your office to go green. However, at what cost? Companies must keep an eye on the bottom dollar, even non-profits, in order to survive.  If you’ve always thought that going green was too difficult to attain and too costly for your small business, we’ve got great news for you. It turns out, there are ways to both go green AND help your bottom line.

Here’s a short list on how you can adopt sustainable office practices while increasing your profitability:

  1. Sell Your Used Copiers -- One thing office managers overlook is the value of their off lease copiers. Once a copier is off-lease and out of its service contract, offices will usually look to dealers or their local big box office supply store. They may shop around for prices of copiers or contracts in order to save money, but often forget that their used copier is actually still worth money (even if repair is necessary). By selling a machine that would otherwise be thrown away, companies immediately help the bottom line. Furthermore, Kingnote brings these machines to other countries in which they will continue to be used, thereby reducing, reusing, and going green.

  2. Buy a dishwasher -- Make cleaning easier and shift away from single use silverware and dishes. A dishwasher will reduce water used to wash plates as well as providing an alternative to styrofoam cups and plastic cups. One time use cups are not cheap! By encouraging this sustainable practice, offices no longer need to continue buying these one time use items and can save tons every year.

  3. Buy a Used Copier -- Instead of  buying a new copier, why not by a used copier (selected by a low meter count) for a fraction of the price?  There are significant savings to be had by buying a used copier. Think about the decision to either buy a new or used car.  Yes, the new car is shiny and has all the new gadgets installed, but the moment you drive the car off the lot, it depreciates SIGNIFICANTLY. The same goes for the used copier industry.

If you are looking to buy a used copier, please contact Kingnote at +1 (818) 570-0888 for an immediate quote!

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Each one of these tips not only increase your bottom line but also create sustainable office practices. If all companies could take some minor steps to going green, there will be a huge impact on future generations to come.

To learn more about buying or selling a copier, contact us at Kingnote Copiers today at +1 (818) 570-0888