What Is The HP PageWide XL And Who Wants To Buy

Chatter Amongst Print Shop Owners of The HP PageWide XL

Unlike what we usually deal with, these HP PageWide XL Wide Format printers are very new and taking over print shops by storm across the US. In our business, we talk to print shop owners everyday and lately there has been hype around the PageWide XL 4500 model, which is followed by the XL 5000 and XL 8000.  

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What Is The PageWide?

A product of HP, the PageWide XL series is a workflow solutions experience. Connected with a range of software for office use such as SmartStream and production capabilities of up to 15D/A1 pages per minute.  The PageWide is a “Single, easy-to-use multifunctional device.” No need to deal with a wide format that has a separate scanner and additional pieces such as the KIP 7700 or Oce TDS 300 (we do not even need the scanner as shipping is too expensive).

As exporters and remarketers of copiers for over a decade, Kingnote will likely buy Used PageWide XLs depending on the demand. Read more to find out.

When Printshops Sell Used HP PageWide XL Who Will Buy?

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While we are used to dealing with old machines, the HP PageWide is When will these HP PageWides be off lease and out of their service contracts? Who will buy HP PageWide XL4500? And lastly, how will the used copier wide format market react to these retiring HP PageWide XL4500, XL5000, XL8000?

When dealers and print shop owners looking to replace these used wide format copiers, we hope they will consider the residual value of a second hand machine and sell their machines to a wholesale company that can buy PageWide XL wide format printers at the best price.

It is difficult to answer these questions but we can make several predictions about these extremely well builth HP PageWide XLs.  With built in scanner and printing features, color options and HP’s workflow solutions, we think the HP PageWide XL model will be as popular for print shops all over.

Will Kingnote Buy HP PageWide XL 4500, 4600, 5000, 8000?

However, The market moves in ebbs and waves and is determined by supply and demand. We’ve seen hot models like the Oce TDS 450 and Oce TDS 400 go from selling very easily to not selling at all. Overall market prices can be ruined by an oversupply and low demand -- in this case, not many wanted to buy used Oce TDS wide format copiers. Other models such as the KIP 3000 and KIP 7700 remain consistent movers though.

We do know someone will want to buy these used HP PageWide XL 4500 Wide Format Copiers though and we will be ready to move when the market does.