Selling or Retiring Used Wide Formats Made Easy

Selling or Retiring Used Wide Formats Made Easy


Selling a retired wide format printer should be easy.  However, many leasing companies end up spending hours to search for buyers only to be underpaid for their machines.

Many individuals may buy these machines, acting as a middle man, only to resell to wholesale exporters like Kingnote Copiers LLC.

Cut The Middle Man


Cut the middle man and stop getting ripped off for your machines. Now you can sell directly to Kingnote, the largest exporting wholesale trading company for used copiers and wide format machines.

For over a decade, we’ve Outbid, Outbuyed and Outlasted all of our competitors because of our Competitive Advantage.

We guarantee to offer top dollar based on our company price tracker. Click here get a sneak peak into what our Company Price List looks like.

Print Shops Work With Kingnote

Print shop store owners across the US partner with us and sell their retired or high metered machines.  Those who have worked with us continue to rely on us as their number one purchaser for these retired machines because we make the process of selling your wide format easy while offering above market prices.

Wide Format Servicing Companies

Beyond print shops, Kingnote also works with wide format servicing companies who regularly need to remove their inventory and replace with new models. These service companies also sell used production copiers to Kingnote.